Choosing the Right Equipment and Saving Money Doing It

Before you go Equipment Shopping…

Things to consider when deciding on which equipment to invest in:


What will I be cooking in this piece of equipment?

Is it necessary to execute your menu?

Can one piece of equipment perform many functions?

ex: combi oven can replace steamer, oven and more?

Does the equipment allow for growth and change?

Offer flexibility, functionality, versatility?

Who will be operating the equipment?

Consider smart controls that are programmable, easy-to-use, and offer consistency, and reduce labor.


Does it provide a solution?

Look at innovative technologies that offer solutions to challenges: Ventless Hoods, Ventless Equipment, Speed of Service, Increase Yield, Self-Cleaning, Digital Controls, Space Saving and more.
Use local resources when purchasing equipment to insure you are getting the best fit and that you have on the ground support when needed.

Energy Saving Tips

START-UP/SHUT DOWN: Make a schedule. Most equipment requires 15 minutes to pre-heat. Rather than turning everything on first thing in the morning, determine what needs to be on and when.

PLANNED MAINTENANCE: Invest in routine planned maintenance: clean coils, clean filters, replace worn gaskets, align doors, follow manufacturer cleaning instructions. Cleaning and maintenance are key to protecting your investment and getting the most out of your equipment.

UTILITY BILL TRACKING: Watch your utility bill for any large increases or decreases as drastic changes may be related to a piece of equipment that is operating out of spec.

ENERGY STAR: Invest in ENERGY STAR commercial food service appliances when you can – take advantage of incentives – save energy, save money, and enjoy many benefits beyond energy savings –

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